Registration Fees

Workshop Registration Fees

Cancellation Refund Policies



Registration Fees:

The Conference Registration fee includes lunches, refreshments, complete set of documentation and entry to exhibition. The Conference Registration fee, however, does not include travel, accommodation and incidental costs.


Before April 10th, 2017

After April 10th, 2017

 Local attendees  1,600,000 Rials  2,400,000 Rials
 Local Students  800,000 Rials  1,200,000 Rials
 International Attendees  150€  200€
 International Students  75€  100€


Workshop Registration Fees:


Per Workshop

 Local attendees  3,200,000 Rials
 Local Students  2,000,000 Rials
 International Attendees  120€
 International Students  80€

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Cancellation Refund Policies: 

 Cancellation Deadlines


Before April 10th, 2017 70% of registration fee
Before April 15th, 2017 50% of registration fee
From April 15th to April 30th, 2017 0% of registration fee