The title of the workshop:

Role Play on Globalization of Water Management; Interactive Learning about Water Footprint and Virtual Water Trade


The core objectives of the workshop:

1.       The global dimension of water management, through trading of water-intensive products including trans-border externalities (i.e. the import of water-intensive commodities contributes to water scarcity and reduced environmental water flows in other countries)

2.      The concept of comparative advantage applied to water (i.e. a country can profit from exporting water-intensive commodities for which it has relatively high water productivity and importing commodities for which it requires relatively a lot of water per unit)

3.       National water self-sufficiency versus water-dependency


Time and date of the workshop:

Sunday, April 30 2017


Parallel to Session 2


Prof. Arjen Hoekstra

Professor in Water Management at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and Visiting Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.

Prof. Hoekstra pioneered in quantifying the water volumes virtually embedded in trade, thus showing the relevance of a global perspective on water use and scarcity. As creator of the water footprint concept, he introduced supply-chain thinking in water management. With the development of Water Footprint Assessment he laid the foundation of a new interdisciplinary research field, addressing the relations between “water management, consumption and trade”.

He is the one who suggested, designed and developed the above mentioned workshop as a role play on “Globalization of Water” and will participate in the workshop through the videoconference.

This workshop will lead by his research team, Dr. Hamideh Nouri and Mr. Rick Hogeboom.



* The participants could take advantage of simultaneous translation during the workshop