Virtual Water International Conference (VWIC)

In April of 2017, Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture (CCIMA) intends to hold the Virtual Water Conference, covering Virtual Water trade and the benefits that follow an efficient Virtual Water trade to world water crises.

Considering the current and future water supplies in arid and semi-arid regions in the world, Virtual Water has grown to be an important notion, policy, or tool as part of solutions to many of the water supply problems. As part of strategic planning for world’s food security, it will be very beneficial to establish a database, which stores and provides vital information on water supplies and water consumption devoted for production of main crops in different parts of the world. The private sector can also play an important role in development of Virtual Water trade; by employing appropriate strategies for different sectors of agriculture, the private sector can help to reduce the consumption of water for production cycles and processes that require less water. In addition, by introduction and use of different production mechanisms, like greenhouses, water consumption can be reduced significantly. As a result, Virtual Water Conference to Help the Water Crisis intends to present current virtual water trade, predict future scenarios, discuss challenges, and consequently review and introduce ideas that will assist in coping with the difficulties while providing efficient solutions.